A Long Day Shearing Posted June 21, 2017


With temperatures fluctuating between 19-27 degrees today, the shearers have had a hard day on their hands!

The farmer (Rob Davis) used his puppy sheep-dog-in-training to herd the sheep at 06.30AM, ensuring that temperatures were still low enough for the animals to be moved.

The sheep were gradually manoeuvred through a metal race towards the shearing equipment, where a trap door was operated to co-ordinate a 1-in 1-out system.

Each wool fleece is rolled and sold by the farmer in its raw state, and hopefully in one whole piece!

The sheep were clearly fond of their new hairdos, stopping to pose for the camera once released back in to the field.

All the best,

The Davis Family

Things Are Heating Up! Posted June 16, 2017


After a windy few days in Warwickshire, we are finally due some beautiful weather!
It is so nice to see our visitors with their BBQs out and sat enjoying the sunshine ☀️.
In a weeks time, our shearers will be coming to shear the HFF sheep so that they can enjoy the weather too.

On the note of good weather, we are presently discussing whether to stock an ice cream freezer in our reception area, and would love to hear your opinions on whether this would be popular or not. Please feel free to comment below and leave some feedback!
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All the best,

The Davis Family